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Dynamic AI - MySQL

Postby Carsten Sørensen » Fri Jan 16, 2009 10:30 pm

Connecting Dynamic AI to MySQL

MySQL is the world's most popular open source database software. MySQL is a free application to create SQL databases.

Open a new database connection screen in Dynamic AI and select MySQL Database from the Type list.

Enter the ODBC name/System DSN (please see below for definition of ODBC DSN)

Specifying Owner/Catalog is optional. However in some cases it will be needed when a table is used more than once within the same database.

In most cases dbo.tablename is being used.

To get access to a MySQL database you need a valid Username and Password. Usually it is sufficient to specify the Username and Password on the ODBC definition (see below).


Test the connection by pressing the ‘Test Connection’ button.

Click SAVE to save the connection. Now you should see the database in the database Explore and be able to browse and use Tables and Views of the database.

MySQL Administrator

To get a working connection to a MySQL database the MySQL Server must be running.


A user is needed to access the database.

These options are controlled in the MySQL Management Studio which is provided with the MySQL database.

A free edition of MySQL Administrator is downloadable from:



To get the connection to work, the ODBC driver for MySQL should be installed. This can be checked in the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> ODBC Driver.

Under the tab System DSN press ‘Add’. Check whether the MySQL ODBC driver is installed:


If there is no ODBC driver installed you can download the MySQL ODBC driver client from:


An ODBC Name/System DSN must be created to get a valid connection from Dynamic AI.

Follow the next steps:
- Go to the Control Panel
- Go to Administrative Tools
- Go to ODBC data Sources
- Go to the tab System DSN
- Click ‘Add’
- Select the MySQL ODBC Driver
- Click Finish

The next window appears:


Complete the form with the following information:

Data Source Name: The ODBC Name/System DSN

Description: A description of the connection

Server: Where the database is located

Port: On which port the server is accessable

User: A user with rights to connect to the database

Password: The password for the user connecting to the database

Database: Select the database from the dropdown list


The driver is now installed. A connection can be made in Dynamic AI using the created MySQL system DSN.

Interested in a free Dynamic AI Personal edition? Download the latest version from: http://www.dynamicai.com/download.htm

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If you have any questions, you are always welcome to contact one of our partners (more information available at: www.dynamicai.eu , www.dynamicai.com) in your country, or e-mail your questions directly to: info@dataaccess.nl

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