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Dynamic AI - PostgreSQL

Postby Carsten Sørensen » Mon Jan 19, 2009 2:56 am

Connecting Dynamic AI to PostgreSQL

To connect Dynamic AI to a PostgreSQL database, open the database connection screen in Dynamic AI and select PostgreSQL from the Type list.

Enter the ODBC name/System DSN (or create an ODBC connection - see below).

Depending on the PostgreSQL setup Username and Password might be needed.


Test the connection by pressing the ‘Test Connection’ button.

Click SAVE to save the connection. Now you should see the database in the database Explore and be able to browse and use Tables and Views of the database

pgAdmin III

The pgAdmin can be installed to manage the PostgreSQL database.

Available from:


Below refers to a Postgres Plus installation available from Enterprise DB from:

http://www.enterprisedb.com/products/po ... ownload.do

To get the connection to work, the ODBC driver for PostgreSQL should be installed. This can be checked in the Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> ODBC Driver.

Under the tab System DSN press ‘Add’. Check whether the PostgreSQL ODBC driver is installed.


Follow the next steps:
- Go to the Control Panel
- Go to Administrative Tools
- Go to ODBC data Sources
- Go to the tab System DSN
- Click ‘Add’
- Select the PostgreSQL driver

The next screen will appear:


- Provide the name for the data source. (this name is used in Dynamic AI)
- Provide a description (optional)
- Provide the database name
- Specify "localhost" or other server name
- Enter the port used by PostgreSQL
- Enter a valid username and Password for the PostgreSQL database
- Test the settings


The data source is now installed and can be used in Dynamic AI.

If you have problems with the PostgreSQL database, please ensure that the Postgre Server is running:


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